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If I had a band by SchrodingersMeerkat If I had a band :iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 2 0 Shuhei Akora by SchrodingersMeerkat Shuhei Akora :iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 4 3 GiraffePic by SchrodingersMeerkat GiraffePic :iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 2 0 Work in Progress by SchrodingersMeerkat Work in Progress :iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 5 6 Theres A Raccon in my bed by SchrodingersMeerkat Theres A Raccon in my bed :iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 5 2 Shine bright like a diamond by SchrodingersMeerkat Shine bright like a diamond :iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 10 36 Shapeshifters by SchrodingersMeerkat Shapeshifters :iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 3 0 Can't think of a title by SchrodingersMeerkat Can't think of a title :iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 6 5 Img 7442 by SchrodingersMeerkat Img 7442 :iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 4 2
Strut Into a New World Chapter 7
Strut Into a New World
Chapter 7
“If I Had a Rocket Launcher”
Neeko: I rest my case. I think while he is out of it we should give him those vaccines.
K.M.: I was actually about to give ‘em a valium.
Neeko: You should. Where are the shots he needs? I can inject him for you.
K.M.: Maybe he needs a prescription for it? I really wish people would come with their pets instead of dropping them off. I told you I don't trust this "Star Lord" person...especially with a name like that. Anyhow, yeah, he needs rabies and tetanus, and to be looked at for ear mites. *hands Neeko an ottoscope*
Neeko: The prescription would probably be a good idea. *takes ottoscope, looks in Rocket's ears* His ears look fine. I don’t think mites can live in his ears while in space. Where are his vaccines? I'll give it to him.
K.M.: Space mites? *hands stethoscope to Neeko*: Get 'es pulse and respiration too.
Neeko: Hehe. I don't think there are space mites. *takes stethoscope, checks Rocket's v
:iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 1 0
Kitty by SchrodingersMeerkat Kitty :iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 7 4
Strut Into a New World Chapter 6
Strut Into a New World
Chapter 6
“Rocket Man”
K.M.: Like I said, I was in your situation once. If your sister changes her mind when she feels better, I can help her. She doesn't have to be a vet tech; she can be a receptionist or something like that. Or I can help her find a job outside the vet field. Anyway, I need your help with something right now.
Neeko: so what are we up against?  Alright, little sis I'll be back soon. *walks with KM out of Lyra's room and the hall*
K.M.: Tails pulled out his IV.
Neeko: I’m guessing it wasn’t an accident. I'll take care of it.
K.M.: Maybe make it harder for him to pull it out?
Neeko: I can do that, it’s called duct tape. Just kidding! *goes to Tails' room*
Sadako: He pulled out his IV.
Neeko: I noticed, *grabs IV* Tails, did you pull out the IV? I assume this wasn’t an accident.
Sadako: I told him not too, but he did.
Tails: I don't like it.
Neeko: Where do you think all your sweat is coming from, Tails? It
:iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 1 0
Strut Into a New World Chapter 5
Strut Into a New World
Chapter 5
“What Does the Fox Say?”
Neeko *looks at pictures in case file*: So what are we up against here?
K.M.: He's runnin' a high fever and vomitin''. Oh, he's got two tails...But he's always had those. His mom's got seven.
Neeko: I wonder if his other tail gets in the way of day to day things, so should I watch what you do or do you want me to do something?
K.M.: Go talk to the mother.
Neeko: Before I do, is his mom ok? Is she afraid? It's her kit we are talking about here.
K.M.: I mean talk to her about what's goin' on with the kit. Like how high the fever is and how long it's been going on. Along with any other symptoms, he has....and write them down. Check how high his temperature is right now and write that down too.
Neeko: Okay, I'll go do that. *goes to exam room and gets info*
K.M.: So what'd she say?
Neeko: She said that the fever has been going on for two days. I took his temperature and it was 101 degrees. *hands chart* Take a look. Tell
:iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 2 11
Strut Into a New World Chapter 4
Strut Into a New World
Chapter 4
“It Has Begun”
Rubicon: *comes in playing a guitar and singing "I Love the Sound of Crashing Guitars”
*Neeko giggles then bursts into laughter*: SO how does this work? Do I get special clothes? Or do I have to earn them? What do I do? I want you to be my teacher. *bows*
K.M.: What do you mean by special clothes? I could take ya to Wally-World later to pick out some scrubs if that's what ya mean.
Neeko: Yes, that’s what I mean. But don’t you have generic ones for your staff? Like something stitched on them or something? But i thought I had to earn them.
K.M.: Uh no. Everyone just kinda picks out their own. Rubicon and I put more resources into getting T-shirts for our band. *digs through a box and holds up a tie dye T-shirt with the name "Heartbeast" printed on it* This looks about your size. Go see if it fits.
Neeko *tries shirt on*: Do you have a medium size? It would fit me better. By the way when can I get started with m
:iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 1 0
Strut Into a New World Chapter 3
Strut into a New World
Chapter 3
“The Black Armed Death God”
K.M.: No problem. If ya'll want a job, you can have one.
*Door Creeks*
*Man walks in with a long white leather jacket, long white hair with a bluish tint, and greenish yellow eyes, a black metal arm with black armor nailed to his cheek and a sword on his shoulder*
Man: Excuse me. I don’t mean to ruin the touching moment but I’m looking for a friend of mine.
K.M.: So are you Neeko's "master"?
Man: So you are probably wondering who the hell I am aren’t you?
Neeko: MASTER! *knock him down* Licks him to death*
Man: Yes, I am. How do you know him? I've been looking all over the place for him; we’ve been separated for several months.
K.M.: Kinda bumped into him.
Man: I see, well being a wanderer that tends to happen. My name is Gamma, Gamma Akutabi, Don't let my chainsaw sword intimidate you. It's not meant for peeps like you *smiles**holds out armored right arm* Who are you? What did you to my f
:iconschrodingersmeerkat:SchrodingersMeerkat 1 0
Strut Into a New World Chapter 2
Chapter 2
“How To Save A Life”
Neeko: Do you know where I can stay for the night? It’s about five PM so in about three hours I rest. Where did you have in mind for me to stay?
K.M.:  I suppose ya’ll can stay here if ya'll want. What's ya master look like?
Neeko: Before I tell you about my master I have to tell you how I came to be here. He plays a part in all this.
K.M.: ‘Kay.
Neeko: You seem to be hesitating. Why is that? Do i scare you? I said I’m not a monster, it was a matter of life and death.
K.M.: I'm not. It's just a lil’ hard for me to get my words out sometimes. Almost as if English ain’t exactly my first language.
Neeko: Ah, I see now. Growing up, I had a good life. I had a family. A pack. I had brothers and sisters, and a mom and dad. At the age of 3 we were captured in our sleep by some bad people and taken to a "compound". There we all put in cages. Some of my brothers and sisters escaped before they were taken.
K.M.: I
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My mom is home from the hospital. She didn't have to go to a rehabilitation center after all. She says it's probably because of all the prayers. She also told me to tell you all she says thank you.
They don't know what's wrong with her yet. But she has been having trouble for a while now. She's supposed to have cateract surgery on the 20th. But anyhow I'd appricate any prayers on my mother's behalf. Thank you in advance.
My driving test is the 26th. My mom is one of those people who think something must be done perfectly on the first try and if you don't do it perfectly on the first try, then you don't get a second chance, let alone deserve one. In her eyes, it has to be done perfectly on the first try.  I also live in a state where if you are over the age of 18 and don't pass, you have to take a class, and four additional driving lessons before you can try again. The lessons themselves are $100 a pop and I don't have much money, to begin with.  My mom just yelled at me for not being "grateful" when I told her the time of the test itself might not be such a good idea because I've been taking sleep medication for so long, my body kinda automatically gets sleepy around the time of the driving test now. She said if I can't do it THEN, then she would cancel it. Instead of IDK, arranging for me to take it on another day earlier. So please pray I pass. Thanks. I need to learn how to drive so I can start going to vet tech school or college/university. 
My mom got back from the doctor yesterday and she has a pretty bad cataract and will undergo surgery on the 18th. They're not sure surgery will help it's that bad and she may have one in her other eye too. Could you please pray for her? 
Thank you
If I had a band
If I had a band, this would be the logo and the name of the band. If you RP with me, you'll know that's the name of my fursona's reggage/New Wave band.


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